DIY Cube in a Jar
DIY Cube in a Jar 


This is not about speed, it's about having fun in solving.

Starting in 2017, I tried to set up a small website, but I never managed to finish a first version in time.
That means that some parts are still incomplete, use at your own risk.

Most recent work...  The Megaminx/Kilominx Family ,  The Blanker Family ,  Stickermod meets Bricks - Brickermod ,  Robot Cube Stand Gallery .

How I started cubing, and why I still do it today.
 The Megaminx/Kilominx Family 
Naming information and Maket Overview for the Megaminx/Kilominx Family.
 Cube Sizes 
The different physical sizes available.
Different kinds of projects with twisty puzzles.
 The Blanker Family 
The Blanker Cube offers suprising shapes, what about other variants?
 Stickermod meets Bricks - Brickermod 
How to turn the useless "building Blocks" or "Color Bricks" Cubes into special items.
 The Fully Determined Cube 
A Fully Determined Cube with only 26 stickers of the same color, using six different shapes.
 Sequence Cubes - Numbers and Alphabets 
Cubes where placement and orientation are given by sequences like numbers or letters.
 The Domino Project 
Summary of The Domino Project, including the full description of The Domino Principle.
 The Domino Project - The Vintage Rubik's Domino 
An explanation of the original Rubik's Domino, along with a brief description how to build one using current cuboids
 The Domino Project - Raising Domino to the Next Level: 3×3×3 Domino Cube 
How to interpret the Domino Principle, and apply it to a 3×3×3 Cube.
 The Domino Project - Yet another Level: The 4×4×4 Domino Cube 
How to apply the Domino Principle to a 4×4×4 Cube.
 Higher Order Cubes 
How to solve any higher order cube with only five additional algorithms.
 Shape and Color Modifications 
Description of various shape and color modifications of regular cubes.
Gallery of my first fifty photos.
 Latest Pictures 
The lastest Pictures.
 Gallery TOC by Topics 
List of Gallery sections by Topic.

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