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Different sizes for 3×3×3 Cubes

A regular sized 3×3×3 cube has an edge length of about 56-58mm. There is a size range of about 45-60mm, where a cube is comfortable to handle. However, it is great fun to collect different sized cubes, as long a they are of good quality. There are a few manufacturers who produce really crappy cubes. In most cases, these can be identified by faint and/or odd sticker colors, and sharp outer edges.

The smallest mass-produced commercial cube has a total edge length of 10.0mm (including stickers), and it even comes assembled and stickered. The previously smallest cube with 15.6mm edge length (including stickers) was only available as DIY kit. The smallest "original" cube has an edge length of 21.0mm. For more examples, see the  Tiny Cubes  below.

The largest mass-produced cube has a total edge length of about 30cm, the second biggest one has an edge length of about 18cm.

Leaving out these extremes, most cubes have an edge length from 30mm to 90mm. For more information on 3×3×3 cube sizes, see the  Size Categories  below.

Cube Sizes by Layer Count

The first higher order cubes were relatively large and heavy. Sometimes you'd either like a cube that does not take that much space in your luggage, or you'd just want to deal with less weight and size. However, smaller inner layers make turning single inner layers impossible, and require a two-step "forth and back" turning along each of the faces of the layer.

For strange reasons, there are no significantly smaller 4×4×4 cubes on the market.

Layers Regular Size Smaller   Notes
2 50mm 25mm
3 57mm 47mm other sizes: see above
4 62mm 56mm
5 62-64mm 58mm
6 ~65mm - the former regular size was 69mm
7 ~69mm 66mm the former regular size was 77mm
8 69mm the former regular size was 84mm
9 75mm the former regular size was 92mm
10 84mm the former regular size was 102mm
11 89mm the former regular size was 109mm
12 91-94mm cubic, ~500-530g; pillowed: 100mm, ~600g
13 98-100mm cubic, ~600-630g; pillowed: 128mm, ~1060g
14 109mm pillowed, ~800g
15 106mm pillowed, ~920g; formerly: 120mm, ~1150g
16 120mm pillowed, ~1000g
17 123mm pillowed, ~1080g; formerly: 176mm, ~3000g
19 131mm pillowed, ~1380g
21 150mm pillowed, ~2000g

Cube Size categories for 3×3×3 Cubes

Note: After the GAN 328 (28mm) cubes became available, I adjusted the range for "tiny" to less than 25mm. That keeps this category exclusive. Whenever new cubes between 21mm and 28mm become available, I might re-adjust the cutover point.

Category size range Notes
Tiny less than 25mm The smallest cubes have 10.0mm and 15.6mm.
Small 25mm to less than 46mm
Slightly smaller from 46mm to less than 54mm Popular models: ShengSou LingLong 3X3X3 (46.8mm) and QiYi Valk3 Mini 4.74 (4.74mm).
Regular from 54mm to less than 60mm This is the range, where a cube does not feel "off-size". The original cube size was 57mm.
Slightly larger from 60mm to less than 70mm Popular models: QiYi Sail 6.0cm (60.4mm) and QiYi Sail 6.8cm (68.5mm).
Large from 70mm to 90mm Popular models: ShengShou Big Legend (70mm) and QiYi QIMENG (90mm).
Huge more than 90mm The currently largest cube has about 35cm edge length.

Tiny Cubes
Tiny 3×3×3 Cubes: (1) 10.0mm, (2) 15.6mm, (3) 20.0mm, (4) 20.5mm, (5) 21.0mm. 

Tiny 3×3×3 Cubes

Here are the Tiny Cubes from my collection. See the photo at the right, cubes left to right.

  1. CubeLab Mini 3x3 1cm (10.0mm)
    Currently the smallest mass-produced cube. It measures 10.0mm including the stickers. In spite of the size, it still turns OK.
  2. Maru Nanocube (15.6mm)
    Previously available as DIY Kit. The cube itself has about 5mm cubie size, but assembled and including the stickers, it measures 15.6mm. If all casting fins are carefully removed before assembly, the turning quality can become very good.
  3. Vintage Noname 3x3 (20.0mm)
    This cube was available as keychain or necklace version. There is no date given, but I would estimate late 80s or early 90s. All of these are incredibly stiff and need a lot of force to be turned.
  4. YJ Mini Bread 2.0cm Keychain Cube
    This is the smallest pillowed 3x3x3 cube. It measures 20.5mm at the widest point. This one has the best performance in the field, it would qualify as "speed cube" if it wasn't too small for that.
  5. Original World's Smallest Rubik's Cube
    This Rubik's brand cube measures 21.0mm. It is far from turning smoothly, but thanks to the vintage noname, it is not the worst in the field, but still far from good.

Largest 3×3×3 Cubes

This is the list of the largest 3×3×3 cubes as of end of 2022.
Size Brand Model Item number
349mm DianSheng 348MM "Googol 34.8cm" T22009
300mm SiteLun 30cm L888
189mm DianSheng 188MM "Googol 18.8cm" T22008
180mm HeShu 18cm NO.660
129mm DianSheng DS-167
120mm Paladone Rubik's Cube Light 127078

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