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Tiny 3×3×3 Cubes

Tiny 3×3×3 Cubes
Tiny 3×3×3 Cubes - 10.0mm, 15.6mm, 20.0mm, 20.5mm, 21.0mm 

Big Megmainx - Big Boys, Big Toys

Regular Megaminx are available at about 68-75mm between opposite faces (diameter of the inscribed sphere). There seems to be only one bigger mass-produced model available. The size is a little more than 90mm - depending on the tension of the center screws, or how hard you press. When comparing sizes, please note that some manufacturers quote the edge length of the pentagonal faces.

Big Megmainx - Big Boys, Big Toys
Big Megmainx - Big Boys, Big Toys (90mm inscribed sphere Megaminx) 

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While trying to match cubes and open end wrenches, I realized that cubes can fit nicely in the 12-point box end of combination wrenches. But only stickerless cubes will give the funny look, so I started with a list of my stickerless cubes sorted by size, and gave it a try. The aim was to find four or five good matches, but when combining metric and imperial wrench sizes, the number of matches increases. After an initial search I realized that the set of five ~30mm to ~50mm gives an acceptable fit, I chose a regular size cube from the same manufacturer to get a set of six matches having the same colors. Four metric wrenches, two imperial ones. For two of the cubes it took some force to push them in, one was a bit loose, but still OK.

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* * * Stars * * *   Cubes can fit nicely in the 12-point box ends, if the sizes match 

Eitan's Twist Cube - Making Of (not really)

"Eitan's Twist" designed by Eitan Cher, marketed by Calvin's Puzzle. Also available as "Fisher Twist", both with black or white body.

Eitans's Twist Cube

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! This is just a photo set. No cubes were harmed during the making of this photo. Props: Nut Spanners 2-1/4" AF + SW 57, Hot Air Gun (turned OFF).

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