Performance Data

Compiled by Hans-Jürgen Reggel

Table of Contents

3.5" SATA    WD3000GLFS, HD103UJ, WD1500ADFD-00NLR1, WD800GD-75FLC3, WD740GD-00FLA2,
WD5000AAKS-00TMA0, HD501LJ, ST3400832AS, HDS725050KLA360, HDS724040KLSA80
3.5" PATA    HD400LD, 6B300R0, HDS272525VLAT80, IC35L180AVV207-1, 5A300J0
2.5" SATA    MK1652GSX, HM320JI, ST9200420ASG, HTS722020K9SA00, HTS545050KTA300
2.5" PATA    HTS721010G9AT00, HTS541616J9AT00, HM160JC,
HTS541080M9AT00, HTS548080M9AT00, MP0804H, MK1031GAS, IC25N040ATCS04-0
1.8"    HTC426060G9AT00, HTC424020F7AT00, MK6006GAH, MK4006GAH, MK4004GAH, MK5002MPL
1"    HU040HA, HU035HA, ST612712DE, HMS361008M5CE00, ST68022CF, ST660211CF (30Z), ST660211CF (29Z), ST650211CF, WD60WP, HMS360404D5CF00 (11Z), HMS360404D5CF00 (9Z), Cornice 3.0GB, Cornice 1.5GB, DSCM-11000, DSCM-10340
Vintage    ST336752LW, IC35L018UWPR15, DDRS-39130W, DCAS-34330W

Vintage Selection

This section lists data of older harddisks. This is mainly because the data is available, but it is interesting to see how the transfer rates have developed during the last few years.

3.5" SCSI Harddisks

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