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Test Archive

Previous Cross-Reference

These are the previous cross-referece pages from the New Test System up to January 2007:

 Quick Comparison 

 Detailed Comparison of Selected Card Readers 

Old Tests

The old Test-Archive consists of three pages and contains the test results from the Old Test System up to and including April 2005.
The results are taken on an IBM ThinkPad X30 using CardBus USB 2.0.

Archived Test Results:  Cross-Reference  /  by Readers  /  by Cards .

The Beginning

It all started with a single HTML page showing the test results from 8 readers and 15 cards:  The First Version . After only three months, the page showed 13 readers and 27 cards, including some cards borrowed from friends and colleagues:  The Last Single-Page Version  from 2004-06-03.

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