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V0.21 - General Notes

The NEXTO CF ND-2500 is out of production.

The NEXTO CF Ultra ND-2525 from NextoDI is the successor of the NEXTO CF ND-2500, but some things had to be changed. Currently, there is a Beta Sample with the first Beta Firmware available. The feature set for the retail version of the NEXTO CF Ultra is not yet fixed, all the information given here is based on the beta firmware and open discussions. Anything mentioned here might be changed sooner or later, although this is very unliekly for some points.

General Characteristics

The Unit Harddisk

Power Supply and Charging


Media Support and Download

Special note: The Beta Sample came in a regular ND-2500 shell, so this time there will be no images here to be stolen!

Hans-Jürgen Reggel   ·   ·   2006-10-04 ~ 2007-08-28